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Polipropilenovye pipes and a fitting wholesale in St. Petersburg at the low prices.



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Filbo - a water way.

Our company is official representation of Filbo plant in the territory of the Russian Federation. Today in Russia the market of pipeline systems from polymeric materials is presented by rather big variety of polipropilenovy pipes, designs and elements both Russian, and import production. Rather capacious part of the market is occupied by polipropilenovy pipeline systems.

JSC Olympe offers:

Article: Advantages of polipropilenovy pipes

Catalog: Filbo's all production

Price list: The prices for polipropilenovy pipes in St. Petersburg from Filbo's company.

Electric equipment from JSC OLIMP

We offer electric equipment at the most favorable prices in St. Petersburg. Into the list of offered products enter:

  • cables power AVVG, VVG, PVS, NUM, counters, starters, stabilizers
  • metalsleeves, cable channels, гофры,
  • boards metal, knife switches, arms,

And many other things. Familiarize with the complete list and download a price on page "The electrician wholesale"


Polipropilenovye of a pipe. European quality.

The wide circulation was received by polipropilenovy pipes and a fitting reinforced by fiber glass. Their conclusive advantage before other polipropilenovy pipes, including, reinforced by aluminum, that polipropilenovy PPR of a pipe reinforced by fiber glass do not demand cleaning at installation. And also, the possible otslaivaniye of a reinforcing layer is in use excluded.

Wide choice of PPR of a fitting at wholesale prices in Sankt Petersburg


Five advantages why it is necessary to choose pipes and a fitting from Filbo

  1. Quality and reliability! PPR of a pipe and a fitting correspond to the international standards and have necessary certificates;
  2. Production is made of special materials which are available at the disposal of only 5 plants in the world;
  3. We guarantee reasonable delivery periods;
  4. Possibility to make pipes and a fitting any are long / any color by request of the client;
  5. Essential discounts for large orders and individual working conditions with гос.заказами.


Polipropilenovye pipes and fitting, Sankt PetersburgPrices for PPR fitting and pipesManufacturing of a polipropilenovy fittingManufacturing of polipropilenovy pipes



Pipes, and also fitting perfectly are suitable Polipropilenovye as for transportation of cold and hot water, and for heating. Many experts recommend these pipes to establish for heating of floors.

That how to acquire this production, the official representative of the Bulgarian firm "Filbo" in Russia is JSC Olympe. Therefore to wholesale polipropilenovy pipes and a fitting of the best quality it is possible in Sankt Petersburg, having ordered them in the Olympus company. As these firms cooperate directly, and the prices will be the most optimum and pleasant, and in addition, upon purchase by production wholesale, there is a possibility to receive both a discount, and free delivery.

It should be notedIt should be noted what to get polipropilenovy pipes wholesale at Filbo plant favourably and that it to prove, further will the most main advantages of products of this company are specified.

  1. Reliability and quality of production. All fitting and pipes correspond to the international standards, state standard specifications and have necessary certificates.
  2. All production is produced from special high-quality materials which are available only at five plants of the world.
  3. The company offers the best and fast delivery periods.
  4. By request of the client pipes of any color and are produced length by Polipropilenovye.
  5. Individual working conditions with the state orders and discounts at wholesale orders.
  6. Long term of operation of the goods, is not less than 50 years.

You can also place your order here by clicking on the buy now tab. Summing up, it is necessary to notice that Filbo plant production, in particular polipropilenovy pipes and a fitting, are the best choice for Sankt-Peterbruga. Them buy both the large companies on service of housing and communal services and private firms, or certain people for construction of houses. Always there is a wide choice of the goods and in case it is necessary for you to get other length or color of a pipe, it is possible to order and them will specially make under your order. Similar orders are carried out as soon as possible, it is not necessary therefore long to wait that is important. It is necessary to add only that catalogs of offered production are rather great, the buyer can easily find them in the Internet, familiarize and order the necessary goods. It is also possible to go on a warehouse of pipes to St. Petersburg and personally to see and choose necessary polipropilenovy pipes.