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The Filbo company was based in 1992, and already as 20 years it exist in the market and makes only the qualitative goods. Right at the beginning activity of the company was directed on delivery of sewer and water materials. And in 2006 "Filbo" changes an orientation a little, it starts to make independently pipes and a fitting from polyethylene and polypropylene. Certificates of quality correspond to the international standards. The firm has nowadays many regular customers. And it not without reason, after all its goods qualitative also we accept at the price.

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What is the polipropilenovy fitting?

What is the fitting and for what they are necessary? – A fitting is a connecting part of the pipeline, they are established in places of a branching of a pipe, or turns, also them I establish in mints of transition of a pipe in other diameter or if there is a need often to assort and collect pipes. They are necessary for tight overlapping of the pipeline, they are necessary for performance of different auxiliary work. There is fitting direct and transitional. A fitting which connect the ends of pipes of one diameter, and that concerning transitional are called as straight lines, they connect the ends of pipes of different diameter. There is special fitting for metal pipes, metalplastic and polipropilenovy etc. They are identical to destination, but have some distinctions in a type of a difference of pipes for which they are intended. A polyethylene fitting of Filbo is therefore made of polyethylene. They are applied in plastic pipelines to provide tightness of connection of polymeric pipes. A polyethylene fitting gives the chance to mount every possible difficult designs. And also installation of a fitting can be applied in order that in plastic water supply systems already existing and placed in operation to change the liquid direction.

There is a classification dividing them into three look. This fitting - спиготы, necessary for carrying out butt welding, without applying an electrospiral. The second type of a fitting is applied by dl of carrying out joints, using electric welding and mortgage heating elements. The third look – a kompressionny polyethylene fitting. They are applied to connection of polymeric pipes by means of a polyethylene fitting.

Fitting also is subdivided into some types, depending on appointment. It can be:

Tees, collectors, branches (such fitting will provide branch from the main pipe in one direction); Corners, branches (they will change the stream direction from 45 to 120 °); Crosspieces (will already provide branch in two directions); Couplings (will connect identical pipes of a direct site); Adapters (futorka, сгоны, a nipple – are intended for connection of pipes by different ways); Jams, caps, caps; Unions; Other elements.

It is a little about a polipropilenovy fitting:

Fitting represents itself as connecting elements at the device of systems of pipelines. These connecting details are used at pipeline turns, at the device of places of a branching, upon transitions to pipes of other diameter. Also a fitting uses, when frequent assembly and pipeline dismantling takes place. Besides minor tasks the main destination of a fitting is ensuring sealing of overlappings of the pipeline.

If it is required to carry out connection of pipes with identical diameter of section, a direct fitting is used. If it is required to connect pipes with different diameter, apply the transitional. Depending on a way of connection a fitting shares on carving and being pressed. To join a polipropilenovy pipe and a fitting resort to a soldering method. There are different cases and situations at the pipeline device at which it is required to apply this or that type of a fitting.

Now polipropilenovy pipeline systems use considerable demand owing to the multiple advantages. So, a polipropilenovy fitting on structure is generally identical, except those cases when application of connections of pipes with different structure, that is executed of various materials is required. The fitting such carries the name in the form of transitional PPR of a fitting and possesses the difference presented in the form of built-in carving connection.

Fitting for connection of polipropilenovy pipes possesses ability to maintain the high temperatures reaching to 95 degrees. As to only such elements as ппр a fitting, they are divided on kompressionny and welded which in a different way are called as blooming or tsangovy respectively. PPR the Fitting share on types depending on carried-out tasks, that is as it was already mentioned above, they can be direct, transitional, T-shaped At-shaped.

Depending on the application purpose a polipropilenovy fitting divides into some groups. The first group consists of branches, crosspieces, collectors. The second group is presented by the crosspieces intended for the device of branches in two directions. The third group represents muftovy elements for implementation of connections of the pipes possessing in one diameter of section. The fourth group is presented by transitional connecting elements for a fastening of pipes with different diameters. The following group includes a shtutserny fitting on purpose to connect flexible hoses and polipropilenovy pipes. The last group includes caps to close up the terminations of pipes.


Advantages of a polipropilenovy fitting, types of a fitting

Now it is necessary to consider advantages of a polipropilenovy fitting not only concerning their structure and a structure, but also concerning a way of installation. Installation is made by means of welding and a tsangovy method. A welded fitting incorporates to pipes by means of the special device intended for diffuzorny welding at temperature about 260 degrees. The similar way of connection of polipropilenovy pipes and a fitting guarantees reliability and durability of knots of connection as in a welding place thanks to heating reliable connection of a material of elements at molecular level is provided, that is the pipe and a connecting element turn into a whole. It is one of the most important advantages of this way of connection and a polipropilenovy fitting and pipes as a whole as such connection will not be subject any more to course.

That to a tightening fitting, implementation of connection of polipropilenovy pipes in such a way does not demand special level of skills and experience for ensuring high-quality connection. Everything very simply and quickly in what considerable advantage also is looked through at installation in the form of economy of time and forces.

To be sure that a fitting will sustain those loadings which are characteristic for this or that established pipeline or heating system, it is necessary to choose connecting elements from the reliable producer, corresponding to all necessary norms, rules and state standards of quality that, undoubtedly, will prolong term of operation of the pipeline and will provide reliability. That all advantages of a polipropilenovy fitting and pipes were shown and maintained fully, first of all it is necessary to make a right choice in favor of the reliable producer and, certainly, competently to make installation of system of the pipeline.

Fitting for pipes should maintain big loadings, serve many years and it is easy to be mounted. To all these requirements there corresponds production of the European plant "Filbo". A plastic fitting and pipes are executed from excellent materials on the international standards which considerably surpass domestic producers. JSC Olympe, the official representative of "Filbo" in Russia, suggests to wholesale a fitting at the price of the producer.

The catalog of a fitting is huge: from different diameter to a various configuration. We will help not only to buy, but also to pick up necessary models, we will prompt the optimum decision for installation.