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Qualitative polipropilenovy pipes from Filbo's company


Orders for pipe manufacturing on the size of the customer are accepted (length)

Qualitative plastic pipes — it is an important detail at construction of any building. They are necessary for carrying out water or installation of heating system. Today polipropilenovy pipes of ppr are recognized the best for similar works. They correspond to all state standard specifications and operation requirements and as are easy in installation. «Filbo» one of the largest plants in Europe on production of polipropilenovy pipes. All production corresponds to the highest quality standards.

To wholesale plastic pipes from «Filbo» it is possible in JSC Olympe. These are official representatives in our country who offer the most favorable the price for all goods.


Pipe PPR / PPR from the Filbo company

The Filbo company was based in 1992, and already as 20 years it exist in the market and makes only the qualitative goods. Right at the beginning activity of the company was directed on delivery of sewer and water materials. And in 2006 "Filbo" changes an orientation a little, it starts to make independently pipes and a fitting from polyethylene and polypropylene. Certificates of quality correspond to the international standards. The firm has nowadays many regular customers. And it not without reason, after all its goods qualitative also we accept at the price.

Besides the pipes made of polypropylene can be maintained not less than fifty years, they are durable and, besides have low heat conductivity therefore do not demand isolation, also they lose heat, unlike metal pipes much less that also very important indicator, pipes are capable to sustain emergency loadings. Such pipes weigh much less therefore their installation is much easier carried out and cheaper manages. Pipes are not affected by chemicals, also they are silent and do not publish any sounds. All these conclusive advantages prove that use of metal pipes nowadays is not profitable and absolutely useless, as from polypropylene many times over them it is better than a pipe.

It should be notedIt should be noted that the company gives opportunity to the buyer to order pipes of any length and color, and in short lines carries out similar orders. It is big plus as more often the buyer should choose from this that is available in the market, and there not always there is that suits the buyer.

Also it is worth to rememberit is worth to remember and about high quality of products of the Filbo company. And after all qualitative plastic pipes are one of the major details at construction of any building. Pipes are necessary both for water supply, and for installation of heating system. And ppr pipes are considered today the most suitable and the best on quality and operation for such purposes. Such pipes are easy in installation, they correspond to all standards by state standard specifications and all requirements. And all this in view of that the Filbo company which makes these pipes, is the best and one of the largest companies in Europe on production of pipes from polypropylene.

JSC Olympe which deliver all production on Sankt to Petersburg cooperates with Filbo plant. In view of that the companies cooperate directly, and the prices which the Olympus company for the buyers offers the most acceptable and low. Besides there are discounts and other.

Also it should be notedit should be noted that here the buyer can find the wide product range. The buyer has possibility to choose between a set of pipes. Many of them are reinforced by fiber glass. They are widespread and are in great demand, and all this in view of that such pipes, in comparison with polipropilenovy even if they are reinforced by aluminum, will be better, after all the polipropilenovy PPR of a pipe reinforced by fiber glass do not need in cleaning at installation. Their one more plus is that on similar pipes the otslaivaniye of a reinforcing layer is excluded during operation.

Advantages the set therefore at the order of pipes it is necessary to prefer JSC Olympe which offers buyers a choice of the pipes made at Filbo plant, similar production of high quality and will long serve the owner.

Polipropilenovye of a pipe, their types and advantages

At the device of heating and water system, undoubtedly, polipropilenovy quality pipes which represent itself as optimum and most reliable option for similar works are required. To serve long and effectively, pipes should correspond to all state standards of quality and requirements for operation. For this reason it is necessary to approach to a choice of polipropilenovy pipes with all attentiveness and care.

Pipes from polypropylene are divided into certain types:

  • - the first software type (PPH) of pipes is made from гомополипропилена and used for the device of ventilyatsiya, pipelines in the industry and cold water supply;
  • - the second software type (PPB) of pipes in which production polypropylene block copolymer and which are used for the device of systems of cold water supply, floor heating is applied;
  • - the third software type (PPR) of the pipes, which production is carried out from polypropylene stat-copolymer and which possess uniform distribution of loadings to walls and are used for the device of a hot and hungry water supply system, floor heating;
  • - the fourth type of pipes of PPS, made their trudnovosplamenyaemy polypropylene.

To advantages of the water and heating systems arranged from polipropilenovy pipes, the moments in a look belong:

  • - durability;
  • - reliability;
  • - compliances to state standards and requirements;
  • - not toxicity and ecological purity;
  • - stability to changes of conditions and to various influences;
  • - low heatlosses;
  • - economy of means;
  • - economy of time at the expense of easy and fast installation;
  • - available cost.

However besides simple pipes from polypropylene exist also the reinforced polipropilenovy pipes. These pipes are also made of polypropylene, but consist not of a uniform layer, and from several layers. As a rule, between two layers of polypropylene the aluminum or fiber glass layer settles down. But there are also such designs in which the wall of a pipe can consist of five layers from which two layers can consist of thermoglue.

Reinforced ппр pipes possess two main merits in the form of existence of factor of expansion, ten times smaller, than at usual pipes, and also in the form of the increased rigidity. If to compare the reinforced pipe to an analog pipe, it should be notedit should be noted that because of smaller factor of expansion at the water supply system device for hot water, the choice is made in favor of the reinforced pipes. Usual pipes at their use for the heating device considerably extend that leads to sagging of heating pipes during the winter period. Therefore for heating systems it is better to use reinforced types of pipes.

As to existence of the increased rigidity of the reinforced pipes, it should be notedit should be noted that with such quality installation works are made more difficult, rather than installation of usual pipes. But such pipes possess high durability, rigidity, less thick walls and smaller diameter in comparison with usual pipes.

As it was already told above, the pipe can be reinforced by aluminum and fiber glass. Designation of a usual polipropilenovy pipe looks as PPR, and a pipe reinforced by aluminum looks as PPR-AL-PPR. At installation of pipes of this type qualitative sheyver for cleaning are required. Therefore the greatest popularity and demand the polipropilenovy pipes reinforced by fiber glass, being designated as began to use PPR-FB-PPR.

As to such fiberglass pipes, that is the polipropilenovy pipes reinforced by fiber glass, installation of this type of pipes is carried out as well as installation of usual pipes without need of cleaning as it is required at installation of pipes with an aluminum layer. The structure of pipes with a fiber glass layer considerably facilitates process of the soldering of pipes at installation, as explains their high level of popularity and demand. But nevertheless the factor of expansion at pipes with fiber glass is not so good as at pipes with an aluminum layer.

Therefore after emergence of pipes with fiber glass at once created the pipes reinforced by aluminum where the aluminum layer settled down deeply therefore cleaning was not required any more. Besides metal remains metal and shows optimum factor of expansion. However there is a small probability that such pipes with aluminum can be stratified, and here the pipes reinforced by fiber glass, to stratifying are not exposed.