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Polipropilenovye of a pipe for hot water and heating (reinforced by fiber glass). PN 25

PPR GF pipe of PN 25 SDR 6 x 3м PN25


stake. in пак.

stake. in a box. the price for (rub)* meter

70351 20х3.4 25 75 Specify by phone
70352 25х4.2 20 60
70353 32х5.4 10 30
70354 40х6.7 8 24
70355 50х8.3 5 15
70356 63х10.5 3 9

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What pipes to choose for carrying out heating and hot water in the house? Any expert will tell that pipes reinforced by fiber glass — it is ideal option. Polipropilenovye pipes of pn 25 possess a number of unique properties — the length of a pipe can be various (is custom-made), easily mounted, long serves and does not demand repair in a current of very long time.

Pipes the polipropilenovy reinforced will correspond to these qualities if they are made on the international standards from good raw materials. The Filbo company offers the most qualitative pipes of pn25 made in Europe. Wholesale pipes the polipropilenovy reinforced pn 25 in the Olympus company - at the official representative of "Filbo" in Russia.

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