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PPR a gypsum cardboard knee - sale by wholesale

PPR gypsum cardboard knee code size/mm stake. in пак. stake. in a box. the price for (rub)* piece

70592 20-1/2" Zhensko 1 60 70,93
70593 20-1/2" Mjzhko 1 60 70,93

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Pipes, a knee, couplings and various филинги from the best producers we offer JSC Olympe. Sale wholesale and retail from a warehouse also is to order made daily. You can make the order even on a site.

Buy PPR a knee of gypsum cardboard and other products from one of the best producers in the world — the Filbo companies. "Olympus" is the exclusive representative that perfectly affects the prices. You receive excellent products for acceptable money with big service life at attractive cost.

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The prices are actual on 8/25/2013, the XLS format

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