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Polipropilenovye of a pipe: the best price in Sankt Petersburg

Dear visitors! JSC Olympe suggests you to buy polipropilenovy pipes in Sankt Petersburg at the most favorable prices.

JSC Olympe is the official representative of the Bulgarian company FILBO which makes PPR of a pipe and a quality fitting. "Olympus" works directly with the producer and as the official representative offers the best prices for polipropilenovy (PPR) of a pipe in Sankt Petersburg. Contact us on any questions, we want to become your partner!

For the companies of housing and communal services working in the sphere we provide special conditions and the prices.

Order pipes in us, to that there is a variety of reasons!

  • Free and fast delivery of pipes in Sankt Petersburg at the order from 85 т.р.
  • Pipes always available in a warehouse
  • The lowest prices - we work directly in the producer
  • High quality - pipes are made in Bulgaria on the European norms
  • Discounts for wholesalers, housing and communal services and state. establishments - call us
  • Cash payment on a place разгурзки

Download a price right now and order polipropilenovy pipes on the most favorable conditions!

Call by phone: +7 (812) 412-87-70, +7 (812) 967-21-23 for specification of the prices and conditions.

To download a price (the actual prices are necessary for specifying at our experts).


The prices for polipropilenovy pipes from Filbo

The Filbo company was based in 1992, 20 years it exists in the market and makes only the qualitative goods. Right at the beginning activity of the company was directed on delivery of sewer and water materials. And in 2006 "Filbo" starts to make independently pipes and a fitting from polyethylene and polypropylene. Certificates of quality correspond to the international standards. The firm has nowadays many regular customers. And it not without reason, after all its goods qualitative also we accept at the price.

At production ФИЛБО there are a lot of advantages. Except the price, the pipes made of polypropylene can be maintained not less than fifty years, they are durable and, besides have low heat conductivity therefore do not demand isolation, also they lose heat, unlike metal pipes much less that also very important indicator, pipes are capable to sustain emergency loadings. Such pipes weigh much less therefore their installation is much easier carried out and cheaper manages. Chemicals do not act on PPR of a pipe, also they are silent and do not publish any sounds. All these conclusive advantages prove that use of metal pipes nowadays is not profitable and absolutely useless, as from polypropylene many times over them it is better than a pipe.

In Russia the Olympus company represents "Filbo's" interests, she is the official representative of plant and already long time cooperates.

The company is engaged in delivery of polipropilenovy pipes at wholesale prices. Here it is possible to find the wide product range and at the good prices. The buyer can choose between a set of PPR of pipes. Many of them are reinforced by fiber glass. They are widespread and are in great demand, and all this in view of that such pipes, in comparison with polipropilenovy even if they are reinforced by aluminum, will be better, after all the polipropilenovy PPR of a pipe reinforced by fiber glass do not need cleaning at installation. Their one more plus is that on similar pipes the otslaivaniye of a reinforcing layer is excluded during operation.

The company offers a wide choice of PPR of pipes at wholesale prices.
The choice begins from a knee with 45 ° and 90 °, couplings, tees, caps, wall sets, gates, up to their versions etc.

It is necessary to give special attention to the prices. That concerning JSC Olympe, this company suggests buyers to get from Sankt of Petersburg pipes at the most acceptable and low prices. Also the company cooperates with the various firms working in the sphere of housing and communal services. For such firms the special prices and conditions are provided. It and free delivery of polipropilenovy pipes on Sankt to Petersburg in case of the order of pipes from 85 pieces. Pipes always are available in a warehouse so it is not necessary to wait long, discounts for wholesalers.

For those who else thinks, we give five advantages of the Filbo trademark:

  1. Reliability and quality of production. All fitting and pipes correspond to the international standards and have necessary certificates.
  2. All production is produced from special high-quality materials which are available only at five plants in the world.
  3. The company offers the best terms and the prices for delivery.
  4. By request of the client pipes of any color and are produced length.
  5. Individual working conditions with the state orders and discounts at wholesale orders.

I think, you already understood, to order pipes in the JSC Olympe company how better and such production both on quality, and at the price will be how better. It is necessary to familiarize only with the catalog of production and to choose the product most suitable you. And delivery will not keep itself waiting long.